Mission Statement (Adopted 2004)

In achieving the purpose of delivering civil legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged persons in North Dakota, the goals of LSND shall be:

  1.  To effectively utilize its resources and priority setting process to provide access to the justice system in North Dakota to eligible clients through the provision of high quality legal services.
  2.  To respond to the critical legal needs of eligible clients throughout the state in a timely and professional manner through dedicated and creative staff, client, board and private attorney teamwork.
  3.  To wisely and effectively utilize both the individual and group approach in the delivery of legal services providing a wide range of legal services including casework, community education, legislative and administrative advocacy, special projects and technical assistance to others.
  4.  To utilize legal skills to lessen the effects of poverty on North Dakotans.
  5.  To provide legal services in a manner that respects the dignity and individuality of each client.

2021 Program Priorities

  • Family and Children
  • Housing
  • Health and Safety
  • Government Benefits
  • Income Maintenance
  • Individual Rights
  • Consumer
  • Elders
  • AIPRA Wills