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Seniors Call : 1-866-621-9886

Legal Services of North Dakota (LSND)

Bismarck Law Office
418 E Broadway #25
Bismarck, ND 58501

Fargo Law Office
112 N University #220, PO Box 1327
Fargo, ND 58107

Minot Law Office
720 Western Avenue, Suite 101
Minot, ND 58701

New Town Law Office
PO Box 217
New Town, ND 58763

Belcourt Law Office
BIA Road 7 Bdg 85, PO Box 1365
Belcourt, ND 58316

Grand Forks Law Office
215 N. Third St., Suite 200
Grand Forks, ND 58203

How to Contact LSND:

  1. Call our Senior Legal Hotline Toll-Free number 1-866-621-9886. Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  If you must wait, please be patient, and you will be helped as soon as possible. If you prefer, you may also leave a message.

    Website applications may be made by going to

  2. When you call on legal matters, an intake worker will ask you a few questions, including financial questions which are asked to determine which of our grants will pay for the services we may provide you. Everything you say is strictly confidential.
  3. A staff member will then ask you a few more questions to find out if your legal problem is one LSND can help with.
  4. You may receive advice right away.
  5. If you need more than advice, LSND may also work on your case.
  6. If LSND cannot assist you, a referral may be made to another organization that might be able to help you.

Services Available

LSND Accepts Cases in the areas of Government Benefits, Family, Health, Consumer, Housing, Elderly Law and Indian Law. Specific types of cases include:

  • SSI
  • Food Stamps
  • General Assistance (GA)
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Medicaid
  • Contested Domestic Violence Protection Orders on Behalf of the Victim
  • Public Housing Problems
  • Tenant Evictions
  • Problems With Debts
  • Access to Justice Issues
  • Property Tax Credit
  • Nursing Home Transfer and Discharge
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Home Health Care
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives
  • Challenging/Revoking Guardianships
  • Mortgage Retention Advice
  • Medicare Part A
  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Part D

Additional legal help for Fort Berthold, Turtle Mountain and Spirit Lake Reservations:

Special emphasis on:

  • Health, Housing, Public Benefits
  • Elder Law - (low income only)
  • Indian Child Welfare Act - contested or with major problems with legal procedures.
  • Selected Tribal/Indian Law Issues

LSND also prepares, distributes and presents information about the legal rights of disadvantaged elderly and low-income people. Please contact LSND to request a presentation on topics of interest.

The services are free, however you may have to pay all or part of costs such as required filing fees and service fees. Many times there are no such charges. Donations to LSND are always welcome.

Individuals applying for legal services will not be subjected to discrimination.

Legal Services of North Dakota, (LSND)
is a non-profit organization which provides legal help to disadvantaged elderly or low-income North Dakotans.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not legal advice. If you have a legal problem, you should talk to a lawyer and ask for advice about your options.

September 2020
Published in conjunction with Department of Aging Services