Migrant Legal Services

Southern Minnesota
700 Minnesota Building
St. Paul MN 55101
1-800-652-9733 (Clients Only)
Fax: 651-228-9450

The St. Paul office oversees southern Minnesota and the Fargo office oversees the Red River Valley in Both Minnesota and North Dakota.

As the locations of our offices sometimes change, please call the appropriate main office for locations and office hours.

Migrant Legal Services is a non-profit organization providing free legal services to migrant farmworkers in Minnesota and North Dakota.A migrant farmworker is a person who is currently in the migrant stream, traveling away from home for agricultural employment. To be eligible, a farmworker must not exceed the maximum income levels issued by the Legal Services Corporation, which are 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Migrant Legal Services is a unit of southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services and works together with Legal Services of North Dakota, in the Red River Valley. Our primary funding is from the National Legal Services Corporation.

Like our clients, we follow the crops during the summer and open temporary offices in areas of high farmworker concentration.

Types of Cases Handled

Crewleader Problems Contract Disputes
Wage Claims Minimum Wage
Overtime Cash Assistance
Food Stamps General Assistance
Medical Assistance Emergency Assistance
Pesticide Issues Immigration
Security Deposits Landlord/Tenant Problems
Civil Rights and Discrimination  

Note: Migrant Legal Services does not handle cases involving criminal charges, personal injury cases, family law, or workers' compensation. We have a list of private, Spanish-speaking attorneys and will refer these cases to them.